Me on Gay dating rituals

I Say

Well, it just myself that when I go bar hopping (which I dont usually do most of the time) that the men seem to have the oddest ways of showing they are interested in you. For instance, when a man pinches your bum as he is walking past, that is not really the best way to initiate any form of conversation. When someone does this to me, I think, I would probably say “Animal ka!.. Pesti.. or Atay oi “. But being man-handled is never fun unless you actually invite it.

Gay dating rituals seem to have retroverted to the primaeval age where some of the folks like me get their ‘fag hag’ – straight woman friend – or other friend to go up to you and ask you if you are interested. I personally very put off when someone asks me for a friend. I think, ‘why doesn’t the person, if they like me enough, take three paces to speak to me… Grrr!!.. You see am not really a “Confident” guy (Whatever!), who has the nerve to flirt and be a butterfly in places.. Believe me! Getting a guy for a date or more is such a tormented moment not because I am oddly not into it, but it is in the idea of having a ‘Dead Romance’ which somehow brought me to a fear of experiencing rejection. Sure rejection is never fun, but I think, if you never try for yourself how you ever going to know? Geez!!

This all seems to fit in with keeping it in your ‘league’, whether some men are too hot to approach (like me.. Bwahaha JOKE!) or some are just too ugly to bother with. How could they think they even stood a chance? There seems to a hierarchy of gay rituals that one should observe. For instance a young beautiful ‘twink’ is not going to want a balding, beer-bellied man. Well this may not be the case, unless you ask.

Well heres a caboodle of tips I found that might help me out (Fairly not!) Gee! I hate this as far as ego is concern..

1.) Rejected – If you do get rejected, fair play to you, at least you had the guts to bother. Some people also seem to believe that because they are good looking (or feeling lang naman) they do not need to approach anyone. Not necessarily the case. What if everyone assumes you’re taken? Or that you would never go near them? A question worth posing where people seem to idolise the idea of the beautiful man. However it can be a vicious circle. No one is excluded from this approach game, regardless, even if they have delusions of self grandeur.

2.) Dance – This one, I think, is one of the easiest thang to do and also the other classic way of showing you like someone. So make sure is dancing near them and you’re in their eye line. If you try this method for God sake do not pull the half smile and half I am nervous and need to pee face; this look is never an attractive one ever, people might recommend a laxative not a date. Also for God sake do not wink at someone, I thought someone had a lazy eye once because they tried this method. Alternatively, if you are more confident and make a point of going up to dance near them with all the confidence and stride and just say hello or nice moves, maybe not the latter on all people, they might think you are taking the move if they are a ‘challenged dancer’. All I am saying it is better to start up a bit of conversation than sit there and wait for your friend to ask them or wait for them to come over and talk to you.

3.)Bow out gracefully – The one last gripe I have is when people come on to you and you say ‘no thanks I’m not interested’ and then they either persist further or get bitchy. If you get rejected or you’re not someone’s taste, bow out gracefully, it bodes well for the future. No one likes someone who sits there and says ‘well you’re this and that’, because they are a sore loser.