Hunk of the Week
(for the 2nd week of July)

I Say….

I’ve first noticed this one hot Brazilian guy in Charlie’s Angels 2, where he played as surfer (that has a very stunning physique btw!) who turns out to be one of the villain (Gush!) of the movie.. In 2006, Santoro joined the cast of Lost as survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, Paulo…But then I found out that his also one of the cast of the blockbuster movie “300” where he portrays the 7-foot Persian emperor Xerxes 1, the main antagonist.. For this role, Santoro became the first Brazilian actor nominated to the MTV Movie Awards, in the category of Best Villain. Santoro though, did not win the category which went to Jack Nicholson from The Departed… Why thy Rodrigo hunk of the week? The pictures says it all baby!!…

Pictures of his….