Supermodel: Adriana Lima

I Say…

If I was born to be a woman I would choose to be Adriana.. Why?! Becoz of her exotic look, sexy hot body and beauty that made her one hot spicy mama!.. With her lovely blue eyes and almost perfect measurements, it’s not a mystery why she’s been on the cover of almost all men magazines. Adriana is my favorite model ever, she’s beautiful from inside and out.. a devoted Roman Catholic.. In GQ interview, she told the magazine, that she is a virgin and that she intended to stay that way until she gets married… “Sex is for marriage,” she says. “[Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.”… — That’s so cool of her esp. nowadays, u cant always tell that models are still virgin.. You always get a second thought… Adriana was dubbed as “The World’s Most Voluptuous Virgin” by US GQ magazine and is currently the third highest paid model in the world (behind Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss).

Pictures of Hers…..