Hunk of the Week
(1st week of July)

Gerard Butler

I Say

When I first noticed Gerard Butler, it was in Dracula 2000, but looking under his filmography, I really did not pay much attention about him at that time. ..Not until when I saw him again as Terry Sheridan in Tomb Raider where I get to see his bod! Haha! He plays a former mercenary and Royal Marine who aided Lara Croft in searching the Pandora’s Box. His eyes and the scottish brogue that are very sexy to me..I dont think at that time, I had noticed if he could act or not; just that his voice is soothing, and his eyes are actually all I could say is I like him for his eyes and accent!! But it is in the movie “300” where I get to fully admire (or fantasize?!) him, I was like “Whew.. Whatta Beefcake!!! Haha!” not to mention his male fellas, it was like “Its raining men Hallelujah!”..

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