My Game: Resident Evil 4

I Say….

I just bought my PS2 last week, and got excited to play some of my favorite games, one of which is Resident Evil. I have played the first two installments in the Resident Evil series – Nemesis and Apocalypse but never been able to finish the whole game scenario (I never get to own a Playstation before and have to rent at Metro Gaisano btw!). I have with me the Resident Evil 4, the latest so far (I think!)… And to tell you it was “THE” scariest horror action-packed game I ever played.

Unlike the 1st two installments the game contains no zombies (by which basically Resident Evil is famous) instead, the main enemies are parasitically-controlled humans referred to as “Los Ganados”, (Spanish for ‘the cattle’). Significantly smarter and quicker than the zombies from previous games, Ganados are a very different sort of foe. These new enemies dodge, wield melee and projectile weapons, and are capable of working collectively and communicating with each other. These are not the same mindless zombies that we’re used to, oh no, Resident Evil 4 brings us something brand new. While the villagers themselves are pretty freaky, the game only gets scarier as you, the player, encounter huge wolves, monks, giants, yucky things that pop out of people’s heads and more.

The game won’t bore you out and will always give you a series of bumps in your heartbeat throughout the whole gaming process, thus, its no wonder that Resident Evil has won numerous Game of the year awards, and is widely regarded as one of the best games ever made. This is definitely the best survivor horror game ever made and you need to play it no matter what! and I am still on the playing process and it still freaks me out!! Gee!!

Screenshots and Pics…..