Hunk of the Week
(4th week of June)

Niko Arellano

I Say….

Sighs!.. I have been so very busy this week due to lot of work loads in pending.. But still I managed to sneak out to post my favorite Hunk of the Week.. Geez!! For the Love of an EYE-Candy.. I Do it!!.. Hehehe… This week I hardly dont have time surfing in the internet to find a hunk, until I came across this one HOT guy I found in one of the blogs that I usually visit.. When I first look at his pic, I was like… Oh my!! Whatta meat!! Bwahahaha!.. So I searched him up further on the internet and end up knowing he was a semi-finalist in this year’s Mr. World Philippines Pageant.

As my “Fleshbot” says ” Nowadays, we expect our favorite hip hopsters to have distinctly fabulous upper bodies. (That way when we’re masturbating, we don’t have to go all Nip and Tuck on those mental images.) But it’s even more fabulous when the rapper is masturbating alongside you!”.. Niko is one of the Provoq men in their most provocative private moments.. I have seen their sexy video by Viva where they strutt their gorgeous, yummy and almost naked bods.. (They just cover their penis btw! and thats it).. He plays a Hip Hop boy masturbating while imagining a hot girl making some hot scenes with him (Whoa! Mypa ako nlng! Hehehe)

Niko’s Hot Pics….