Top 5 Most Wanted Magazines

1. Blue – Australia’s leading gay men’s magazine is also the world’s top photography journal for connoisseurs of the male form. Dedicated to art, beauty, and the freedom of gay expression, Blue is the collectable of choice for queer coffee tables. Blue is conceived as a “coffee table magazine”, and features male nudes as well as a variety of interviews and articles on art, films, music, and culture. I Say!! – Yumm yum! Hehehe..

2. Voguea fashion and lifestyle magazine published in several countries by Condé Nast Publications. Described by book critic Caroline Weber in The New York Times in December 2006 as “the world’s most influential fashion magazine. Vogue is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. On the way, it has helped to enshrine the fashion model as celebrity. I love Fashion!! Fashion does not love me! Huhuhu..

3. GQ (Originally “Gentlemen’s Quarterly”) – Geez!! One hot mag! I love most of their cover models, one of my favorite is Tyra Banks.. GQ is a men’s magazine that focuses on men’s fashion, style, and culture. It also features articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, and books. It is generally perceived as more upscale and sophisticated than lad mags, such as Maxim or FHM.

4. Gay Times – the United Kingdom’s leading gay magazine, for gay and bisexual men. Uh! It features gay news and current events, interviews, satire, award-winning physique photography, male art, a famous agony aunt section, personal ads, and sections on music, film, literature, and the internet, from a left of centre point of view. It is largely seen as more political and adult-oriented than Attitude.

5. ICONThis mag is new to me… No idea of what sort of “eye-candy “stuff does it offer. Most of the local queer mags are boring and most of them, I say, cannot be consider as “Magazines” hence they only offer nude, boys and some “blah blah blah” stuff… Well ICON is the Philippines’ premier gay lifestyle magazine, releases it’s first regular issue for the year. Top male model, sought after product endorser and over-all hottie, Jon Mullally graces this March-April issue of ICON. Filled with hot men, sizzling articles and on-the-edge fashion and products to keep you heated up this season. Ganun?!! Pabili nga!! Hehehe..

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