Jordin Sparks wins American Idol Season 6

I Say…

Well well well as expected it is indeed Jordin Sparks being crowned the new “American Idol.” The rest of the show was long and boring. With the exception of a few funny moments, the rest of the show was dreadful. The return of Sanjaya added some comic relief, especially with the wind machine blowing his lovely hair to and fro. When Melinda Doolittle was voted off, the role of favorite has fallen onto the pipes of the 17-year-old Idole hopeful, Jordin Sparks. There was no bigger winner than Sparks. Melinda carried the one thing that Sparks didn’t have and that was a dynamic voice and although Sparks has sounded great at times it was clear that Doolittle was far more better. With Melinda now gone it becomes Jordin’s time to reign. Melinda’s knock out was on her age and marketability, something that Sparks clearly has in her advantage. Sure Lewis is young and he has certainly shown an ability to attract a fan base but Sparks is on a different level. Sparks is the singer you could see at the Grammy Awards whereas Lewis is the guy you could see opening the X-Games.

About Jordin….

Jordin Brianna Sparks was born on December 22, 1989 in Staten Island, New York. At 17, this makes her the youngest winner in American Idol history. She is also the only winner who is from the Southwest, rather than the traditional American South. Jordin Sparks first auditioned in Seattle, Washington. Jordin’s parents are Jodi Wiedmann and Phillippi Sparks, a former NFL football player for the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. She has a younger brother PJ (Phillippi Sparks, Jr). Sparks is currently homeschooled and is a resident of Glendale, Arizona.

She was featured in the audition episode aired on January 17, 2007. Sparks sang “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion. The judges were overall impressed with her vocals, though Simon criticized her for “being too cute,” but Sparks was sent on to the Hollywood rounds of the show. In the first voting rounds, Sparks gave an upbeat and well-received performance of “Give Me One Reason”, written by Tracy Chapman in 1995. Jordin continued to deliver solid performances including “Reflection”, originally performed by Christina Aguilera and “Heartbreaker”, originally performed by Pat Benatar in 1979. Jordin advanced to the final rounds.

American Idol judge Randy Jackson, made the offhand prediction that “Curly hair will win this year,” which may have been made in reference to Sparks. Before going on to American Idol, she won Arizona Idol. In 2006, Sparks was one of two winners who won the Phoenix Torrid search for the “Next Plus Size Model.” She was flown to California where she was used in a number of Torrid ads and promotional pieces. A full-page ad for Torrid featuring Jordin ran in the December 2006 issue of Seventeen magazine. Sparks finished second in 2004 at the Music in the Rockies national competition for aspiring Contemporary Christian Music artists