Melinda missed the American Idol Finale

Melinda Doolittle was eliminated from American Idol Wednesday, a night after Simon Cowell told her and 30 million viewers that he hoped to see “my Melinda” in the finals next week. The 29-year-old Tennessean certainly reaped the most praise from the judges Tuesday, turning in three solid performances, including the first Whitney Houston tune voluntarily commissioned by Randy Jackson for a contestant to sing.
“You blew it out of the box!” Jackson exclaimed after Doolittle took on Whitney. But Doolittle’s near-flawless renditions of “I Believe in You and Me,” Ike and Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits” and Peggy Lee’s “I’m a Woman” were not enough to keep 17-year-old phenom Jordin Sparks and beat-boxin’ original Blake Lewis out of next Tuesday’s season finale.
The consummate professional already, Doolittle—who as the third-place finisher will almost surely be getting a mainstream record deal, anyway—smiled resignedly when she heard the bad news. (Not until after many commercial breaks and performances by Maroon 5 and a now bushy-haired Elliott Yamin, of course.)

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“I don’t know about being surprised, I was oddly a little bit relieved,” Doolittle told Seacrest in a post-show interview. “It was the first time I’d taken a breath in a long time. I’m thankful for the votes and everything like that, but for one moment there it was a relief. Now, I’m getting ready to sing just because I love it. I wasn’t tired of the process, but it was a hard process.
“The greatest part about it was that I had one of my most favorite nights of the season on Tuesday night, so if there was any night to go out on, I could go out on a night I was proud of and excited about.”

I SayOMG, this is one heck of a shocker for this Season! The one who consistenly delivered is the one going home. Melinda Doolittle is eliminated in American Idol which means the finale is going to be Blake Lewis versus Jordin Sparks.

I was looking forward to a Melinda and Jordin. Darn. I’m disappointed as Simon Cowell. I dont want to see the finale anymore coz I know who’s gonna.. and it is certainly Jordin Sparks.. I never liked Blake, he is not a good singer, not flexible, and I’m so fricking pissed of his “never-get-so-tired” of singing beat boxing!.. Blah blah blah…!!

Melinda still Rocks!!